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ipad air 2

  1. A

    New Battery behaving strange

    I have an iPad Air 2 which was not charging - completely unresponsive. I decided to replace the battery. The new battery is charging and reporting 100% after just less than an hour. When watching you tube and browsing the internet I get about 3 hours of life out of the device. Yesterday I left...
  2. MissMitty

    iPad Air 2 screen touch does'nt reply

    Yesterday, my iPad screen stopped functioning. So, today I contacted the Apple support... After a long day of phone calls, chats, updates, restore and all, I took it to the Cami shop. They told me that it's not possible to solve the problem because the warranty is not valid anymore (of course !)...
  3. M

    Is the iPad Air 2 On the Way Out?

    With Apple set to launch new three new iPad models very soon, AppleInsider points today to signs that would appear to indicate that the iPad Air 2 could be on the way out. In particular, the AppleInsider Price Guide shows that some of the more popular iPad Air 2 models are sold out at authorized...
  4. K

    Locket by itself

    Yeah hi, my Ipad Air 2 that has all my school books on it has locked itself. I cannot do anything to unlock it, Siri wont work, Trying ti turn it off won't work. Also the screen zoomed in So now I can't do one thing on it, if one of yous know how to fix this Tell me now.
  5. MattsR

    Lost note in Notability - HELP!

    Hi everyone, I am in a panic. I just lost a very important note in Notability. I had it open om my iMac (v2.3.0), and I also have it on my iPad and iPhone. Somehow the backup of notes has been turned of (it has been on as I see *.note files in my Google Drive) so I do not have it backed up...
  6. denny1700

    Ipad Air2 will not sync with ios 9.3.1

    Could anyone help me...I could not get into Apple phone support after waiting over half an hour. I have googled and googled and cannot figure out what happened. All of my music that was on my Ipad has disappeared, and whatever I try iTunes will not sync my music to my Ipad.
  7. C

    Help!! got scammed!

    i bought an ipad air 2 from craigslist, yes stupid idea but it was $250 and i thought himm cheap for a 64gb, when i met him it was already turned on and he said he had to hurry to pick up his son so i thought okay well its on so it works, well when i got home i went to check it out, its stuck on...
  8. M

    Get Up to $125 Off iPad Air 2 Today Only at Best Buy

    MacRumors reports that Best Buy is hosting a pre-Black Friday sale today only, and is offering some great deals on iPads and Apple Watches. The sale is online only, and you’ll need to enter certain codes in order to get your discount. Starting with the iPad Air 2, you can get the 16GB and 64GB...
  9. J

    Transfer a video to photo album

    I have a video that is on my PC and somehow I got it onto a new iPad Air 2 (non-Apple person here) but now I need to add it to one of the photo albums. Currently the video is in the video folder. I tried several apps, including iTunes to get the video from my Windows PC to the iPad. Not sure...
  10. B

    Weird iPad Air 2 WI-Fi model in a Cellular body

    So, my story began when I bought used iPad Air 2 online which was described as Wi-Fi only model (A1566), but as I received it i found out that an iPad has a Cellular model body (SIM-card slot present, black plastic thingey next to the rear camera etc). but it behaved like Wi-Fi only iPad (there...