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  1. F

    iPad 9.7 disabled

    Hello iPadforums, My ipad 9.7 is disabled and I didn't back it up. Tried updating it but that doesn't work. Is there any way to recover the photos without having to erase it? Mahalo
  2. P

    Display Starting Problems

    Hey, I have a problem with my IPad. I started it and the screen has a black stripe on the display with white sides. It also wont react to any kind of touching. After some time the screen got darker and now i can barely see the stripe. I attached a picture of the screen. Does somebody know how...
  3. B

    Weird Gray Aligned dots when turning on and unresponsive screen

    Quite recently, my iPad crashed (strip of screen unresponsive and so was the rest of it and an unusual color) I turned it off with the home-button and the power-button combo). I turned it on the same way Then the screen was black the entire time until there was a gray line in the middle, then a...
  4. S

    Ipad Pro 12.9 surface drawing problem with the Apple Pencil

    I got my first Ipad a few days ago and I try as best as I can to describe my problem. When I draw with the pencil the nib in some little areas of the glass gets kinda stuck/ runs unsmooth over the surface. This makes my pencil stroke uneven, jagged in these spots (more than tolerable). The...
  5. S

    iPad won't turn on. Not responsive to usual fixes.

    I have a 3rd Gen iPad that is having problems turning on. When attempting to turn it on it shows the apple symbol for a while as if it were turning on, however the screen goes black and is presumably off again. Continued attempts yield the same result. When trying the hard reset via the...
  6. C


    Hi everyone, my name is Bill, this is my frist time here. I've been trying to set up the Calendar. I'm trying to have it show something on a day of the month. Like first Monday or third Tuesday. The date changes but NOT the day. Does any one know how to set this up I would appreciate it...
  7. A4Apple

    Dementia Need: Photos only access

    HELP! Need ideas to simplify access to just one app. Parent with dementia loves scrolling through photos on his iPad. How do I turn his iPad into a photo only device, and remove/hide all other buttons and control panels? I am not always there to put in a password then get him directed to...
  8. X

    How do I unlock my iPad after it is disabled to the "connect to iTunes" screen(I know its pasword)?

    To clarify my "friend" desided to be an idiot and disabled my iPad all the way to were it says "iPad is disabled connect to iTunes". Is thier a way to unlock it WITHOUT losing all my data and stuff on my iPad. I know my password its only disabled becuase of my "friends" stupidity.
  9. angelot209

    How can i fix my ipad? screen is fuzzy with big gray lines that distort everything

    I have been trying to see if anyone else has this same problem? i dont know what caused this. I want to know if i need to buy a new screen and digitizer? or if its just a loose wire. please help. ps i have tried slapping it in the back but nothing.
  10. wakeupgetdown

    Notability Question

    Hi, I have the app Notability for IPad Air 2. I was trying to import some files for school, and not knowing which file extensions Notability could read, I attempted to import a .htm file, as well as a document I made in Apple Pages, and saved in the "pages" format. The files would not open in...
  11. Nikki Severin

    Lego Harry Potter 5-7 HELP

    Hi! I have been stuck trying to get the Red brick in Ministry of Magic... I open the gate using the deluminator and when the chest opens nothing happens... Anyone else with the same problem? Anyone found a solution? Thank you! :)
  12. warhammer

    How to save/backup Notes including pictures/photos in it

    hi guys I write many notes on Notes application of ipad and I also include photos inside each note, I wonder if any of you guys tried this but it is working and a perfect option! However, whenever I backup / send via airdrop / or copy a note from Notes and email to another device, the photos...
  13. ellamurillo23

    Removing Scuffs and Scratches

    Does anyone know the best way to remove the scuffs and scratches on the top and bottom of my iPad? Please help this IPad is my baby.