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  1. A

    Using iPad mini as outdoor camera

    Hello, I have an iPad mini that I won at work and (after my grandma tried to use it and couldn't get used to it) I want to use it as an outdoor camera. I have an audio baby monitor and very cheap camera in my barn to check in on my two goats around kidding (birthing) season without having to...
  2. M

    Apple Instigates Early Preparations for “Above 12-Megapixel” Camera Lens Modules

    According to a new report from DigiTimes, via MacRumors, Apple has booked production capacity for “above 12-megapixel” camera lens modules to be made by smartphone lens manufacturer Largan Precision at a new factory it’s building in Taichung, Taiwan. The report claims that according to “market...
  3. M

    Facebook Begins Rolling Out New Built-In GIF Creator For Camera

    The Next Web reports that Facebook is currently gradually rolling out a new built-in GIF-creation mode for Facebook camera. It only has a limited rollout at present, but should be available worldwide very soon. In order to use the new feature, you simply have to tap the camera icon in the top...
  4. J

    Video Recording brightness Burst?

    Hello, it's been a year and I've recorded over 90 of my kids hockey games with the iPad Pro 9.7 32GB. For the most part I've had about 95% success with excellent recording functionality. The other 5% is weird, I'll explain. In some cases over the course of recording back and forth across the...
  5. Tmicz6911

    Camera problem

    I had a iPad 1 and was able to use the cameras, front and back but then one day the camera completely disappeared from my iPad. Did search in setting and no camera. Downloaded a mirror app to maybe get access to the camera but no response on the app. Like that with all apps. Thought maybe I...