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  1. iBozz

    iPad and noise-cancelling headphones.

    I have recently bought a set of JBL TUNE 600BTNC noise cancelling headphones and they paired immediately with my 2017 iMac18,3 running under macOS Catalina v10.15.3 (19D76). However, my 10.5" iPad Pro Model MPME2B/A running under iOS 13.3.1 cannot "see" the cans even when they are placed right...
  2. A

    ZAGGfolio keyboard for iPad 2-4 case won’t connect to iPad 4

    Ive tried charging, a hard reset, on my iPhone 7, disconnecting and reconnecting several times. I am at a loss at what to try. It was a re-gift, so I don’t think there’s much hope for support from ZAGG. I am just wondering if there is anything else I can try before I give up. What happens is, I...
  3. Hugh Mility O'Kelly

    Turn Bluetooth off

    How can you have the Bluetooth always off ? I usually have to turn it off every time I switch the Bose on
  4. Hugh Mility O'Kelly


    Two things that concern me The damage from Bluetooth to our health And the damage from lithium batteries to our health. Is anyone aware? Bluetooth What You Will Learn Nowhere Else – Is It Really Dangerous? Is Bluetooth Dangerous? - Everything You Need To Know - EMF Academy
  5. M

    EFF Says That iOS 11 Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Toggles are a Security Risk

    MacRumors reports today that the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has published an article that is critical of the redesign of Apple’s Control Centre in iOS 11, stating that the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth toggles are misleading and compromise the security of the user. According to the EFF, the...
  6. T

    using bluetooth from ipad 2 to toshiba laptop

    I bought some jigsaw puzzles for my ipad,as I have a bigger screen on my laptop is there any way I can transfer them so I can see them better as I dont see any connection point to use on the ipad that I can see
  7. P

    iPad Pro & iMac Won't Connect Wirelessly

    When I try to Bluetooth "pair" my new iPad Pro 9.7 (iOS 10.1.1) with my iMac El Capitan (21.5", mid-2011, OS X 10.11.6), I get a "successful connection" message from both devices. But the connection drops out after only 4-5 seconds. Both devices indicate right away that they are no longer...
  8. X

    Problems mit motorola bluetooth keyboard

    I got a hugh problem its always giving me the error:"Make sure "Keyboard" is turned on, in range and ready to pair." Its not connected with anything... I'm pressing the keys V A and R it doenst work as well Ipad air 2 Ios 10.0.2 Keyboard...
  9. M

    Apple Working on Bluetooth Wireless EarPods, Possibly for iPhone 7

    Forbes reports that it has heard from a source familiar with the situation that Apple is currently working on developing a custom Bluetooth radio chip for wireless EarPods that could even be released along with the iPhone 7, which is expected to be the first iPhone ever to be released without a...
  10. T

    Bluetooth Speakers

    i recently purchased a Bose bluetooth speaker and can send audio from my iPhone and IPad. When I send audio from a radio programme on Iplayer radio etc I can switch the screen off saving power. If I try to do the same sending music from a programme such as Youtube or Vevo I cannot do this. As...
  11. T

    iPad4 doesn't Bluetooth with iPhone 6

    My iPad4 & iPhone 6 wouldn't connect by Bluetooth on iOS 7 so I switched to iOS9.0.2 but they still won't connect. The circle 'Searching' icon turns but stops without connecting. Is there a setting I can change/what can I do TIA