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  • I'm interested in writing up a how-to post for using Handbrake to rip DVDs (along with chapters) to one's iPad. Where would I post this?
    Not doing overtime for a few weeks leaves me some free time to myself.

    Who's iPadCharlie? Is it who I think it is?
    Congrats on that 8000th post! :)

    Say, I got a question. Who's that iPad Charlie?
    It's in Medford, OR, already! The whole thing took just two days. I talked to Mom and she said she's already heading into town and could stop by the FedEx office at the airport to pick it up and then have them re-send it to me using my FedEx business account. I called FedEx (800 number) and they said pick up ISN'T possible before the "commitment date" of 3/31, though the local office COULD possibly try to deliver it to Mom's house before then but couldn't say for sure. UGH She's gonna go there and try anyway, hoping the local office does things a little differently. From there it would take 2 days and get to me here on the 31st.

    Try this:

    Go to your Private Messages up to right hand corner ~ under your ID/Name
    click and then see on the left column ~ click on "change avatar" i think it says

    Then follow the directions! Sometimes after you up load your new picture ~ it will state: "uploaded failed" but it probably didn't.

    Then check it out by making a post!


    Alright, how in the world do I change my photo attached with my posts? I notice many others have pictures or icons... I wish to eliminate my goofy looking question mark.

    Could you help me do this?

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