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    Florida Panhandle & Tallahassee

    That's interesting about the development of the piers. I cannot remember if it was wood or concrete back than, but based on the dates 1990's my guess it was wood. My dad and brother in law would fish quite a bit off the Pier and would also charter fish. Pier fishing was really good-catching red...
  2. skimonkey

    Singapore Becomes the Sixth Country to get Apple Pay

    Last November, I purchased my 6s Plus. Going from a 5 to the big screen took some getting used to, but I quickly began to love it. I have been using Apple Pay at my local Walgreen's and simply love the convenience factor of not having to whip out my walgreen's bonus card and then my credit card...
  3. skimonkey

    Florida Panhandle & Tallahassee

    Hi Dave-if It's been a long time since I been there. The last time was about 20 years ago, so I imagine that it's developed quite a bit. I remember our condo resort, Highland Resorts, being just across the beach. It was walking distance with pier access and all. The white sand beach was...
  4. skimonkey

    Florida Panhandle & Tallahassee

    My folks owned a condo in Panama City Beach. We went down quite a bit and really enjoyed those white sand beaches. I think I remember going to Gulf World a long time ago. Thanks for the pics, Dave. You brought memories back for me!
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    Master iPad Pro Accessories Thread

    Since the evolution of iPads and tablets, I have had to include proper postural education when using gadgets for my patients with neck/spinal issues. It is such a common issue these days...and unfortunately I deal with a sore neck way too often, myself! Thanks for the info. I'll be sharing this...
  7. skimonkey

    My wallpaper

    Please remember to review our Forum Rules regarding external links for self advertising. Thanks.
  8. skimonkey

    iPad 2 Rebirth

    Wow-just love hearing about great Apple Experiences. I've also experienced similar customer service from my Apple Store as well!
  9. skimonkey

    What are you guys doing right NOW??? ;)

    Yes-a full Tendon tear won't heal with rehab. You'll need to have surgery to repair that. Some choose to forgo surgery and work on other accessory muscle strengthening. However, since you are active-it's best too get it fixed.
  10. skimonkey

    Pop Up Messages

    No worries Carol. Just want to make sure that you get the attention you need and not have two of the same thing.
  11. skimonkey

    What are you guys doing right NOW??? ;)

    Oh Sci-that's too bad. I hope that recover quickly. Depending on the type of surgery repair you have may keep you immobile for several weeks: bankart, Labral tear, etc.
  12. skimonkey

    What are you guys doing right NOW??? ;)

    You all keep us busy. Hope you recover wel, Sci!
  13. skimonkey

    Need buying advice on Apple Air 2

    Totally agree with Scifan-hold off on buying if you can. There's been numerous "announcements" that report that the iPad Air 3 will be coming out in March. If you're in the market to get one, get the latest and greatest! least that's what I would do. Good luck!
  14. skimonkey

    Do not set back your date to January 1, 1970

    Thanks JA--very good info to share with our members! A little scary that something so simple like that could create such a disaster to a device! Yikes!
  15. skimonkey new here

    @Bmahony1972--Welcome. Glad you found us!