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Recent content by s2mikey

  1. s2mikey

    Today's problem!

    I think this resolved itself. Our iPads were doing this too the other day.
  2. s2mikey

    What's the last movie you saw?

    Lord the Rings: The Two Towers. Had this week off so it’s a good time to do the LOTR trilogy. Have Return of the King yet to go! We always watch the extended editions. In glorious 4K too. :)
  3. s2mikey

    Newest iPad Air 2020

    Just got my Air 4th gen a few days ago. Coming from a 6th gen base model. It’s a beast!
  4. s2mikey

    Will getting a new model iPad fix this issue?

    Yeah, I have a feeling that this is a lot of the issue. The iPad 2 was a great tablet but it’s getting up there in age now. Hardware eventually becomes more and more stressed as time passes. RAM has always been a sticky issue with iPads. The newest base model has 3GB and can be had for around...
  5. s2mikey

    Air1 owner looking to go Pro....

    Folks - My Trusty Air1 is getting to where Im ready to pass it down to another family member and upgrade. There are some very good deals right now on the 9.7 Pros at Best Buy. I realize its technically last years model but Im assuming it will still be an appreciable upgrade over my Air1. I...
  6. s2mikey

    Rumour: 10.5-inch iPad Pro to Enter Production This Month

    I'm very curious how this model will fit into the lineup. If I were to upgrade this might be the one I'd get. Interesting. Hmmmm.
  7. s2mikey

    Apple Has No Plans for Converged iPad and Mac, According to Tim Cook

    I'm not surprised. I really don't think they need to do this. I still prefer a device to have ONE purpose and to perform its task as best it can. Just don't like the idea of converging all of these devices. IMO, they work better as stand alone products.
  8. s2mikey

    Who's planning on purchasing the iPad Pro?

    Some fair rebuttals...but I still think Il be passing on this for now. My Air is doing me good and for the cost its just too tempting to get a MacBook or a refurbed rMBP. Im sure it'll be a cool device though. That big screen will make watching shows and reading a great experience. :)
  9. s2mikey

    Updating to iOS 9, Now

    I updated last night and it went perfectly on my Air. I feel like the whole device has been freshened up! The lowercase keyboard thing was weird at first but otherwise this update is ROCKIN! :)
  10. s2mikey

    Should I get an iPad?

    Yes - cell support comes in very handy, Id never have an ipad without it! As for usage: Reading news tabletop, playing games, reading books, music server, some general productivity, email, some photos. And other stuff. :)
  11. s2mikey

    Who's planning on purchasing the iPad Pro?

    Im disappointed too. To me, here are the issues: 1) No cellular support other than the top model 2) Overall pricing is high. Should have thrown in the keyboard or offered a one-time deal at the time of purchase for much less than $169. 3) No ports or "hard" connectivity. This is a PRO level...
  12. s2mikey

    Screen protector ?

    Never used one and all of my screens look as new. Just gentle daily wiping with a micro fiber cloth keeps them looking perfect. But, yeah, most will show "stuff" on them.
  13. s2mikey

    Apple Could Launch 2 New 12-inch iPads With Dual-app Viewing Mode and Multi-user Support

    If these rumors are true then the pro version of the iPad would directly compete with the Surface and some of the low end laptops out there. A smart move, IMO. I still personally prefer the size of the current iPad but businesses and power users ought to be frothing at the mouth over this. :)
  14. s2mikey

    iOS 9 to Support Legacy iPhones and iPads

    Sounds good. Honestly, we've never had much trouble with our older devices regarding the latest OS but stability is a great thing to hear about when talking operating systems. Who knows, perhaps this kind of thing will boost sales of tablets? People seeing that older devices get some love...
  15. s2mikey

    Other Browsers on iPad are Inferior to Safari?

    I'd love to use a different browser but I'm so used to the gestures that you simply can't use with other browsers that I always come back to Safari. Honestly, with the latest OS updates Safari is better than its even been. Still a tad quirky at times but it gets the job done.