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Recent content by Redneck_Randy

  1. Redneck_Randy

    Airplay with 7.0.6

    Thank you. :-)
  2. Redneck_Randy

    Airplay with 7.0.6

    Where is airplay in ios 7.0.6 on ipad 2 ? Also where is the control center on an ipad 2 ? Thanks Randy
  3. Redneck_Randy

    Browse files on windows network

    Look into the Goodreader app
  4. Redneck_Randy

    iPad to TV...HBO GO

    Hmmm Just thought of something. Don't think you can stream HBO-GO
  5. Redneck_Randy

    iPad to TV...HBO GO

    Look into Apple TV Apple TV - Buy the New Apple TV with 1080p HD - Apple Store (U.S.)
  6. Redneck_Randy

    Install apps on ipad ..?

    iFunbox will let you install .ipa's to an ipad.
  7. Redneck_Randy

    Extracting app from old ipad itunes backup

    Is there a way to extract an app from a ipad itunes backup ? Thanks Randy
  8. Redneck_Randy

    Saving photos to iPad

    Mine are saved to the camera roll on both my iphone and ipad. Are you sure you are saving them.
  9. Redneck_Randy

    Siri in iPad 2

    Only if you jailbreak but then it's pretty hard to have it work right.
  10. Redneck_Randy

    Connecting iPad2 to smart SamsungTV

    Look into Apple TV
  11. Redneck_Randy

    Help please

    ATV2 is 720p and the ATV3 is 1080p
  12. Redneck_Randy

    What is it?

    Being a machinist this one is easy for me. It's a mi........ LOL Just gave you guy's a hint. Sorryscifan57.
  13. Redneck_Randy

    Camera kit, sd card, mp4s?

    When you say 8 characters, are they like this 100_0001.jpg and 100_0002.jpg and so on ? If not the ipad won't see them inside the DCIM directory.
  14. Redneck_Randy

    iPad 2 Restore

    You can't restore to 5.1.1 because the signing window for 5.1.1 has closed. You can only restore to iOS6
  15. Redneck_Randy


    Do a forum search to find out how to install whatsapp.