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    iPad OS 13.1.3 fixes numeric passcode entry issue

    Hi Everyone, I was planning to post on this issue this morning, however having just upgrade to iPad OS 13.1.3, I notice that Apple appears to have fixed it. I use a long numeric password on iPad and in the past I was able to enter this at extremely high speed. Having upgraded to iPad OS I...
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    Does iPad support VPN instead of a proxy which is not secure?

    While I would imagine the primary purpose of the iPad VPN client is to connect to corporate networks, if you have a decent home router that offers a VPN server, such as the higher end of the Draytek Vigor range, you can set up your iPad to Setup a VPN tunnel to your home network, through which...
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    Is it possible to send GSM commands to Ipad (1) modem without jailbreak?

    Hi Forum, I strongly suspect the answer to my question is NO, but nothing ventured nothing gained :) I'm toying with giving my mother, who is spending her retirement in sunny Caribbean island my spare IPAD 1 3g + Wifi for ad-hoc access to the Internet. She does not have a land-line. Rather...
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    New iPad as a wifi hotspot

    That's interesting! You're the first person I've come across that has the personal hotspot on their iPad 3 on Vodafone UK. Did you purchase your iPad 3 through Vodafone? Did you have to contact Vodafone to get the hotspot functionality enabled?
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    Issues with iPad 3/4G+WiFi version owner worldwide!

    Hi Newforce, I'm happy to hear that the latest update has apparently resolved your problems. I appreciate the frustration you gone through given that you were apparently more severely affected than the rest of us. My iPad was very temperamental and the problem re-occured literally the day...
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    Issues with iPad 3/4G+WiFi version owner worldwide!

    Thought I'd post an update as it has been a couple of weeks since my last post. My iPad appears to have conspired against me as the problem has not reoccured since I decided to book a genius bar appointment about 3 weeks ago :eek: I did my usual weekly bus ride in the run up to the...
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    Issues with iPad 3/4G+WiFi version owner worldwide!

    In tears? A bit melodramatic surely? :D If it helps i have exactly the same problems you have. In fact I started a thread the day before yours. Perhaps the mods may consider...
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    Anyone having problems connecting to 3G networks with Ipad 3 after using Wifi?

    Agree totally. Just to clarify that the problem I've described occurs during/after the transition from wifi to cellular. I noticed it on my once weekly bus journey into work, when it swtiches from wifi at my home to cellular (3g) on the bus. I haven't had my new iPad long enough to verify...
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    Anyone having problems connecting to 3G networks with Ipad 3 after using Wifi?

    The first time I came across this problem was a week or so ago when I attempted to use my iPad 3 on a bus on the way into work. When I'm at home the iPad is on Wifi. At first no bars came up on the 3g indicator then eventually it went to full strength. I was unable to connect to the Internet...
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    iPad-3 when compared to iPad-1 !

    Found this article via Google: New iPad vs. iPad 2 vs. iPad: Features, Specs & Size
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    LOL - The New iPad - I got owned :(

    While shopping at my local supermarket a bit earlier this morning I noticed a couple of new iPads on display in the electronics section. One of the assistants was busily working away on one of them setting up the Internet. I spent a couple of minutes playing around on the second iPad and...
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    iPad screen protection

    If it helps any... I purchased an iPad 2 screen protector from my local pound shop ($1 store for Americans). Brand is Signalex. I've just fitted it and it works perfectly - To be honest I can't see any degradation in my iPad 3 screen quality so far. Ever the cynic - I'd suggest that the vast...
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    Can I easily maintain apps from multiple countries on my devices ?

    Brilliant! Thanks for that DefBref. Will give it a try.
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    Can I easily maintain apps from multiple countries on my devices ?

    Hi Folks, I'm after your advice. Up till now I've purchased all my music and apps from the U.S app store using iTunes gift vouchers. I usually stock up on these whenever my friends or I travel to the U.S. I made this decision early on as certain music I was after (on my iPod) was simply not...
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    March 16th delivery never happen???

    Well, kudos to you for not rising to the bait. :thumbs: Hope it all works out. I assume collecting it from the depot today is an option?