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  • Leelai,
    Thanks friend! That is just what I will do! Hope all is well with you and you are having lots of fun! Squib/Diane the sleepyhead or insomniac. :)
    PMs mount up very quickly, you just never realise how many youve done but no, posts are totally separate, I'd be well over my pm limit if that were the case. ;)
    Thanks, I had no idea I had so many messages! Do all of my posts also count as messages?
    Hi, I am back, I hope for a long time now. I was wondering about private messages. When I tried to send a PM I got an error message saying I was over my quota. Is there a place or way to save them in another application? Or do they always have to be deleted? Thanks! Diane (Squib)
    You're in Australia and I'm in Arizona and I'm on the same site reading your profile. This is just plain weird.

    Just got notice of pm from u but nothing here when I brought it up
    Hope it was anew one. Tired of seeing same olds!
    Starting a new message by tapping ur avatar. Got ur explainatiojn about the
    When I brought up new window to write u..thru app, I must have misspelled ur name as it did not go thru. See its Leelai,not Leelal as I wrote
    Well this time I tapped the avatar and got this visitor message. Got a message that I had anew PM, only it was my Was hoping it was from u.
    Leelal, I just tapped ur avatar again but didnt see any posts this time Can't get subscriptions or any links at bottom now, so don't know if ull get this post or where
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