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    Good day. Very confused on Zen Viewer. But with all the positive reviews I'm sure I'm missing something. My ipad is full of pdfs, numbers spreadsheets, and photos. (Hundreds) Many were "put" on the ipad via attachments on emails, meaning they aren't even on my PC. While Zen DOES find my photos, do I really have to select each one, one by one, (did I mention there are several hundred?) and put them into Zen 1 at a time? Also, I don't necessarily have any idea where all my pdf's came from, or where they are on my pc, (if they're even on my pc.) Plus, if this is supposed to view magazines, and movies, ALL of these are iPad only, and not on the PC, and can't be put there. I just can't imagine I have to take docs OFF the ipad, (or copy them) TO the PC, just so Zen can put them back on the ipad. This would take weeks, and I can't imagine having to go through this routine, each time someone sends me a new pdf or spreadsheet via email...... I would LOVE to have an all inclusive file manager, but it has to be easier than this to get them "in" the app...... Thanks!

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