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    On my current ZAGG ZAGGfolio Bluetooth Keyboard/case/stand for my iPad 4, I just noticed that the third key fell off for no reason at all and other keys are far too loose, so (with this in mind and the other problems that I mention later in this post) it is time for a new Bluetooth Keyboard /case combo for my iPad 4.

    Here is a review:


    1 – It provides good drop protection: With the case on, I’ve dropped the iPad from
    heights that probably would have cracked the screen had the unit not been in the case.

    2 – Good battery life: Granted, I don’t type much with the Bluetooth keyboard, but, I’ve
    charged it fewer than 4 times in the last year.


    1 – Appearance: I don’t feel like taking the case off right now to take a pic, but the top
    front of the case is very ugly with a number of unsightly black streaks. It looks like
    tarnished silverware.

    2 – VERY BAD key design: One of the keys fell out a few months ago for no reason at all and I could not
    find where it was, so I spent around $5.00 and bought a replacement online. Since
    then, two more keys have fallen off for no reason at all and I see that 4 or 5 more are
    about to fall off.

    3 – This is the worst criticism I have of the case – The groove that serves as the stand is
    not deep enough—So the iPad falls out all of the time, especially if I handle or even
    just lightly touch the top of case. This has caused a few drops and could potentially
    cause a break. I had the exact issue with some kind of rotating case/stand that I used
    with an earlier generation iPad – The case and stand groove were some sort of soft
    material and over time, the groove just wore out and stretched so the iPad fell out
    all of the time as well.


    I don’t remember exactly what I paid for the case last summer. I got it at Radio Shack.
    The price was somewhere between $79.99 and $99.99. The drop protection is good,
    But ironically most of the falls were caused by the bad design. :) For the price, too many things are wrong with the unit and I can not recommend it.

    Now the question:

    I need a recommendation for an iPad Bluetooth keyboard/case combo that fits my iPad 4. I’d love some great or even decent fall protection, but could live without it. The main feature that I need is a case that when used a stand, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, locks into place, 100% of the time and will not fall over if I touch the top of the unit. I don’t understand *** is wrong with the manufactures of these units—It appears to me that if the groove were twice (or maybe 2.5 x) as deep (Yes the iPad 4 has more than enough bottom border to support this) the iPad would securely lock into place when the case is used as a stand.

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