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Yet More iPad 3 Parts are Doing the Rounds

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Dec 29, 2011.

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    MacRumors features a video today from Japanese blog Macotakara that showcases some of the supposed iPad 3 parts that have been doing the rounds among online retailers. The parts featured in the video were purchased from TVC-Mall, which MacRumors notes also had legitimate iPhone 4S parts before its launch. The parts include a microphone mic flex cable ribbon and a dock connector charging port flex cable ribbon, and the video even shows what is said to be a dock connector in the process of charging. Also commenting on the video, AppleInsider notes that the appearance of the dock connector is particularly significant, as it is seen to have a 30-pin port which still fits with the current Apple charging cable. This is in contrast to recent rumours, funnily enough also from Macotakara, which said that the iPad 3 would have a smaller dock connector.

    Generally speaking there’s not much more information to be gleaned from a close study of the parts, other than the fact that if they are genuine, the very fact of their existence would suggest that the iPad 3 is either already in production, or that the start of production is imminent.

    Source: More iPad 3 Replacement Parts Begin Circulating as Rumors Ramp Up - Mac Rumors
    AppleInsider | Archives
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