Yahoo is planning to release a native iPad email app

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    We haven’t heard anything ground breaking happening at Yahoo for a long time, but according to 9to5Mac, they couldn’t be better. This week, the Internet giant has a lot on its hands, since, according to sources in the known, it’s planning to launch two apps.

    The first app is a weather software aimed at the iPhone, while the second is a long awaited iPad native email application. Why did it take so long for the mail app to make its debut? Well, because Yahoo is just starting to sediment its partnership with the Cupertino tech giant. Accord​​ing to a Wall Street Journal report, Yahoo will be from now on groomed towards a more stable mobile presence in order to replace the voids left by Google. Apple is continuing to move away from any business connecting it to the search giant.

    At the moment, Yahoo and Apple have established a certain relationship. For example, Yahoo created the iOS Weather and Stocks app and Siri can search Yahoo instead of Safari if users opt for it to do so. With these new apps, the partnership will be taken to another level.

    There’s not much info on the Weather app at the moment, but probably when it comes out, we’ll see a very different interface compared with the native iOS one. The app will be however embedded within the iOS so the info offered will come from the common data base, plus the novelties designed for the new application.

    Source: 9to5Mac


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