World of Tanks Blitz Gets British Heavy Tank Line

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    As brilliant a game as Wargaming’s World of Tanks Blitz is, one thing has been missing from its line up of tanks, and that is the formidable tanks from Blighty, British heavy tanks!

    Wargaming has today announced that it has fixed that particular error of omission today with Update 1.6.

    Joining the initial wave of light and medium British tanks that were introduced in the last update, “British Steel,” The all-new British line of heavy tanks includes nine iconic British heavy vehicles, including the Churchill, Black Prince, Conqueror, and the FV215b.

    Also included in the update is a new map, Castilla, which is just perfect to try out your new British heavy tanks on.

    Based on the original free-to-play World of Tanks desktop computer and console game, World of Tanks Blitz has been a massive success on iOS, initially featuring over 90 legendary armoured vehicles from the USA, Germany, and the USSR, across four classes, including agile light tanks, well-rounded medium tanks, powerful heavy tanks, and long-range focused tank destroyers.

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    The light british tanks where already OP, or just historically accurate. Maybe its the same for the heavies.

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