World of Tanks Blitz Celebrates Euro 2016 Football Championship With Special Camouflage

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    The Euro 2016 football championship kicks off tonight in Paris, with even Google celebrating the event with a Google Doodle. Also getting in on the act is, as it has today unveiled a World of Tanks Blitz special event in celebration of the championship.

    To earn unique “Olé, Olé, Olé” camouflage, simply choose a tank and then complete one of several missions, which vary in difficulty.

    The special event is open to vehicles from Tier 1-10, with missions including the likes of “Warmup,” which is playing battles, and “Striker, where you have to deal a lot of damage over several different battles.

    Once you’ve unlocked your snazzy new football-related camouflage you’ll be able to keep it forever on the vehicle.

    Aside from the special football event, World of Tanks Blitz also introduces the FCM 50 t, the first French Premium tank, on June 10. The FCM 50 t is a rapid vehicle with a powerful punch, and comes out of the box with special football camouflage.


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