WiFi connection Strong but Safari can't connect to internet

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    Nov 28, 2011
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    What is the current Ipad 2 version? I have version 4.3.5. . If I don't "update" version of my Ipad through Itunes
    will I experiance difficulties using the device?

    I did a network reset yesterday now I can't connect to my home router, It gives me a dummy IP address. My Ipad could still connect to the Wifi hotspot in Starbucks and McDonald's but not my own Wifi. My home router works fine because my wife's Iphone 4 could connect with it.I tried rebooted the router but nothing happened

    Could this problem be solved by getting the latest version of the Ipad 2 through Itunes? Or is there another solution?

    This needs to be resolved fast! As the Ipad is my only bridge to the internet ( I busted my pc's motherboard )

    Anyone with a sound solution please help!

    Thank You!
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