Why The Desire to do combine OS and IOS platforms?

Discussion in 'iOS 9' started by Miked52, Oct 24, 2015.

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    I am not sure, but I think this is the forum to place this thread, as it is IOS related.
    I would hope no one would consider this to be unkind toward any posts on here concerning the question I am seeking to understand. That is certainly not my intent. I read daily everything I can find on the I Pad Pro. Of course, it will be operating on IOS 9. While reading the comments and posts in other sites, I constantly read of those who want the I Pad Pro to be an os operated device. They want it to be a full computer I guess is what the desire is. Again, I just do not understand it. They want it to be like other systems out there. I used the "other systems" out there for years, and have no desire to even get close to that system again. IOS and OS are perfect.
    Now do not get me wrong, I can see the need and place for a fully OS operating system and a computer with trigs of memory. But that has to be a very small percentage.
    I operate a vinyl sign business from my I Pad air 2. I have no issues at all performing all necessary functions from my I pad, with the exception of, my vinyl cutter requires windows xp for its operation. I invoice, calendar, schedule, all from the I pad. I even get clip art and send it to the windows program.
    My other business is HVAC. Again, I invoice, run heat loss programs with the use of apps, keep records of all service and installs.....layout duct work........keep spread sheets of all my parts prices and ordering information.
    I do extensive study and write study papers and prepare many public speaking programs exclusively with my I pad using keynote and pages.
    I have trouble understanding why IOS is so unsuitable to so many people and they want full os to run on the I Pad. I am not being critical, I would just love to get some feedback with some common sense people. You can not even discuss this off this site. Thanks to those who run the site, so we can have an intelligent conversation.
    I love the IOS platform. I hope Apple does not put change into IOS. It continues to progress until there is little difference in using the I Pad and my mac laptop.
    I got to tell you , that with being able to run 2 apps on a screen now is unbelievable. I am even more in love with my I Pad......and I loved it even before. Now with the pen, I can layout signs with the customer on site, make changes, make notes all with the use of the pen. I can lay out my duct work on jobs with the customer, and again make any changes on the full page ability of the I pad pro......wow, only better things are ahead. I hear the question, who is the I Pad Pro for? I can answer that.....electricians, HVAC, plumbers, all the trades of construction......and all working off a simple IOS machine.
    To me IOS does everything I need, but I do have to do things different verses full os.
    At first, I had to email what I needed printed. But now with cloud, I no longer need to do that.
    I have to figure to file on cloud or evernote..,..Yea, you have to do a few things different, but I just do not see the issues
    When you use an app on I pad, you can download it at a minimum of cost, and you can operate the app almost with little to no training whatsoever. they are simple to use, but do what you want done. Try buying photoshop and see if you can use it out of the package with no training.....no ill intent...that is a good program. It has a lot and takes a lot of time to learn how to use it. And I assure you, it is not 99 cents.
    So I can take my I Pad with me anywhere I go. and If I am not working with it, I can play music, watch video....etc
    For me, IOS is a powerful operating system that just flat works. It is simple but powerful. To me, it is all the workhorse I need.
    Maybe I am a simple minded person using IOS for simple things, but it does all I need and plenty left over. Am I missing something here? I want my I pad to run IOS, and my mac os. One day, they will meet in the middle.
    If apple is going to create a full os I Pad, then I hope the keep one model with IOS for me.
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  2. KevinJS

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    I don't think you're missing anything. iOS is great at doing what it does; namely, being a simple to use mobile operating system. OS X is also great at doing what it does.
  3. LannyC

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    I think that, in general, people are resistent to learning new things. If they already know Windows or Mac OS, they don't want to learn iOS too. For others of us, learning new things is fun, and pushing the boundaries is a stimulating challenge.

    I have no problem with iOS. I do have a problem with Apple dumbing down Mac OS to be more like iOS--familiar and useful features are now becoming hidden behind an iPhone-like interface, with no hint on how to find them. As a Mac user since 1992, I find this insulting. Apple literally wrote the book on human interface design, and have now thrown that book out the window.
  4. hoben02

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    Mar 5, 2011
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    Most likely these are developers wanting this unlike the microsoft surface which evolved into a tablet you can write native apps on that feature still does not exist on ipads

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  5. Pit bull puppy

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    Apr 1, 2016
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    I for one sure hope Apple does not do what Microsoft is attempting to do with it's new Windows 10 operating system. I need a Windows laptop for storm chasing so I can run live weather radar when out chasing severe weather, but 99 percent of the time I am either using my MacBook or my iPad 2 when I am out and not home... Might as well call my local Starbucks my second home. I love the way the Mac OS X operates, and so far am loving the iPad 2 I saved from going to the garbage dump. Both are easy to use operating systems that just work all the time unlike Microsoft Windows.
  6. Diane B

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    I have used computers even prior to Windows and used Windows/PC since Windows 3.1 I think. I had an Ipod and enjoyed it--and when the ipad came out I got one that week--so I've had a One, Three and Air--and now the Ipad pro 12.9". My last several PCs have been custom built primarily because I'm a photographer and use Photoshop and Lightroom. Nonetheless last Fall when the Pro came out I debated long and hard if I would buy one and instead bought the Macbook Pro 15". But everytime I had a chance to try the Pro I was tempted--and finally bought one about a month ago. I feel almost certain the Macbook will be my last traditional computer. The reason being that I can do everything I need to do on a computer I can do on the ipad--and you are right, its not the same but I handle all of our business on the ipad (as well as my husband on his--now an Air 2), billing, proposals, drawings, our books, creation and annotation of PDFs, printing (via Air print), etc. I've long used multi apps and with the split screen its a breeze. I used to think I needed to use my PC for spreadsheets but for my needs I can handle it all on the Ipad.

    I really do not want a blend of IOS and OS nor do I want a tablet with OS. I find many things easier to do on the ipad--and I prefer touch to touchpad. If I'm going to type for a long period of time I use my BT keyboard (though even now with the Ipad pro I could use the new connected keyboard covers). Of course I use the Ipad for entertainment also--music, video, reading. Over the years I've become sort of IT for several friends who use their Ipads for business purposes, finding apps that will serve their purposes, sorting out issues, and we all are finding we almost never have to resort to our PCs or Macs.

    So, I'm in the camp to keep IOS and OS separate. I use Dropbox to maintain a file system and also to share between my devices. I have found a wifi external harddrive is a good addition too for photo use. I still use my Mac for Photoshop, mostly to manage 17 years of digital photo files but there are now quite good photo apps that offer layers and masking and except for printing from my photo printer, I do most of my processing (even RAW processing) on the Ipad for my own use or for the web. The Pencil is also a wonderful addition and I use it daily for a number of things. I've used an Adonit, both original and then the BT touch but the Pencil is really remarkable for those that will find a need for it,

    I'm glad you started this thread. I've watched over the years people stating you can only use the Ipad for basically entertainment purposes, not creative, not business--but learning new techniques you can do most or all you need to do on it.

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