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Discussion in 'iPad 1 Forum' started by pbecooper, Sep 14, 2012.

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    I have an original iPad and I am using iOS 5.1.1. I find my iPad a lot slower than it used to be, is this why? What version of iOS should I be using?
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    Hello pbecooper! Welcome to the forum. When you get the chance, head on over to our new members website and introduce yourself. While there, take some more time to read the stickies particular the forum rules thread and tips and tricks, you'll get very good information and gain maximum enjoyment.

    Regarding your questions. IOS5.1.1 is the newest version available for your iPad original. There is a lot of programming in the iOS that makes your iPad appear to be slower than when it was first introduced. Your iPad only has 256 of RAM. The processor has to work extra hard to swap out all of the various instruction sets to launch any app. If you read other threads about apps crashing or failing to launch, etc, that is all related to this small RAM.

    There are workarounds. For example, when I close an app, I close it out completely by double clicking the home button and removing it from the shelf beneath. Another work around is completely shutting down the iPad (after I remove the apps running in the shelf). I do this by pressing down the sleep button until the power off slider appears. There are other tips and tricks for keeping your iPad running.

    While your iPad may be slow in executing your requests, it can still show Netflix videos, you can still read email, read newspapers and books. I use mine to pay bills, etc.

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