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Discussion in 'iPad for Business and Education' started by buffalogirl, Mar 20, 2012.

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    I am in charge of setting up a dozen iPads at work. They're for our department heads and commissioners. I know iTunes doesn't have a business solution; is there something better than what I did...? The iPads stay with each person and must not have personal documents/etc. on them for legal reasons, BUT individuals may purchase apps if they have a use for them (in other words, the VPP doesn't really apply). I set up each iPad with a new iTunes account, giving each person a mobileme address, etc. The problems started when the fifth iTunes account rejected the same credit card I'd used on the others. I ended up using three different cards to set up all of the iTunes accounts. Unfortunately, even though the devices and accounts were set up for each person, the detail account info now has the name of each department's credit card I used (iTunes changed it after I set it up initially to match the credit card info, ie Matt's iPad says it belongs to Michelle). But at this point it seems like the best I can do.

    I spent three days with iTunes support, and eventually the woman stopped emailing me back. Apparently there is no other solution, but this situation must occur all the time. Any thoughts?
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    We let each person use their own P-card if they want to connect to iTunes. Commission heads must have their own card that they are responsible for I'm pretty sure what you described does not happen all the time.
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    When I set up a second iTunes account for my wife and kids I extra did NOT give any credit card's info, making sure that purchases have to be settled with the prepaid iTunes cards - in your case I wouldn't have used the credit cards either....

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