Video Shows iPads and iPhones Smuggled into China via Zip Line Over River

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    M.I.C Gadget features a video today that shows the lengths some smugglers will go to in Hong Kong and China to move iPads and iPhones across the border. The news report from China (which is in Chinese, but the video tells the story well enough!) shows how Hong Kong and Chinese customs officers thwarted a smuggling gang that was sending iPads and iPhone flying high in the air via a pulley system, right across the Sha Tau Kok river that separates northern Hong Kong from Shenzhen on the mainland. The smugglers shot one end of the cable across the gap on the end of a crossbow bolt, and then under cover of darkness at night sent the iPhones and iPads along the cable in black nylon bags. According to the report, the cable spanned a distance of several hundred meters, and it took the bag two minutes to travel across to the other side via the pulley system. When the operation was discovered, six smugglers were arrested, and 50 iPad 2s and 50 iPhone 4s were seized.

    Source: Flying Smuggled iPad In The Air (Video) » M.I.C. Gadget via Engadget

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