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    Need some advice about using an iPad mini to edit video. I am taking my niece and two nephews (teenagers) on a sailing trip in the Bahamas. I have bought a GoPro HERO3 (underwater) video camera. The kids all have iPad minis. I thought they might bring their iPads and create their own vacation videos (with Pinnacle Studio) during downtime. They are excited about sailing right now, but after a time they may well find that sitting on a boat, waiting for the wind to push us to wherever, is about as exciting as watching the mud puddles dry up after a rain. After all, they are teenagers.

    After some research, I am thinking that I should set up a Mac Mini as a server to which I could attach a BluRay USB drive and SD card readers. The GoPro records onto micro SDXC cards in H.264 AVC format (probably 1080p @ 30fps - about 20Mbits/sec). My thought was that they could read in raw video in from the SD cards, edit it and write their work back to the BluRay drive. And then read back from the BluRay drive to re-edit or add new video.

    Primary question - Is this whole idea really practical? For editing maybe an hour long video (maybe 8GB)?

    It seems the read/write capabilities from an external drive attached to the iPad Lightning port are limited. Is this true?

    But if the iPads access something like the Mac Mini server described above via wi-fi, can they access the drives attached to the server like remote drives on any home network?

    I understand that RAM on an iPad mini is limited. Will Pinnacle Studio be able to handle large videos with the limited RAM available?

    Any help would be appreciated.

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