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    Hopefully I am posting this question to the correct forum. If I am not I apologize in advance.

    I work as a Business Analyst on a B2B eCommerce website. We recently added functionality that allows ours users to upload and Order Guide created in Excel to the shopping cart of our site. The user clicks on a link or button that opens the "File Upload" window to attach an Excel file. When they click the <Open> button in the "File Upload" window the items that are loaded on the Excel spreadsheet are then added to the shopping cart of the site. This allows our salesreps to create an order guide in Excel and then the rep or the customer can then just fill in the quantities and upload the file so they don't have to physically key it into the our site.

    Many of our salesreps have iPads. I purchased my iPad about 6 weeks ago in order to test some changes we made previously that were iPad specific (opening the numeric keyboard in numeric fields). At any rate, I am very new to the iPad, it's operating system and its file handling procedures.

    I had the Docs 2 Go app which I loaded an Excel file in and proceeded to test the new functionality from the iPad and found it did not work. I did lots of googling to research the issue and that is when I found out that the iPad does not allow uploading of files. During my research I found the iCab Mobile browser. I installed the browser and loaded the Excel file through iTunes on my computer. I can browse to the file but we receive an error in our website that we cannot recognize the format of the file. I contacted the developer of iCab and he told me that iCab does not do anything with the formatting of the file.

    I then tried adding Dropbox because iCab has ties to Dropbox but it must only be for downloads because the files I have loaded in Dropbox do not display in the Downloads dropdown for iCab.

    Does anybody have any suggestions on how I may be able to make this functionality work? I know it was a very long winded post but I wanted to make sure I provided enough information.

    Thank you,

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