Unable to register to Tango from UAE, any help appreciated

Discussion in 'iPad General Discussions' started by ipad.subu, Jan 15, 2014.

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    Dear Members

    I use an Iphone and Ipad from UAE

    I'm unable to register to Tango from UAE. the local ISP / carrier , 'Etisalat' has blocked Tango, so right at the registration / authentication point, Tango stops working and say authentication not happening

    (a) IF any of you have work arounds please let me know ; I am NOT very willing to use hotspot shield etc as these generally slow down things

    (b) I hope some Tango developer folks get this message and help the million or so eager users in UAE and similar countries ready to Join Tango ; Viber has overcome this "authentication" problem in UAE using some innovative solutions (they call back instead of sending the code over SMS !!) . Now I see a lot of UAE users on viber; Tango has a ready user base here, just waiting to be tapped



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