Twitter’s Lost Four Million Users Blamed on iOS 8

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    According to a story on Re/code today, Twitter lost four million users in the last quarter, which Twitter CFO Anthony Noto puts down to an “unforeseen bug” in Apple’s iOS 8, which launched last September.

    Speaking to Re/code during Twitter’s earnings call, Noto said this was because one million of the lost users downloaded iOS 8 and either had forgotten their Twitter password and couldn’t log back in, or simply didn’t bother to reopen Twitter once iOS 8 had been installed.

    The other three million users that Twitter says it has lost were due to the fact that Safari Reader doesn’t ping Twitter automatically for content since iOS 8 was released.

    This mean that those users who were previously counted as automatically active because of the ping prior to iOS 8 were no longer appearing as users.

    However, that doesn’t really answer the question, why did that one million not try to open their Twitter app? If an app was really that essential, or the person wanted to use it, they would have found a way. Maybe Twitter should also look into other reasons as to why it might shed users.


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