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Discussion in 'iPad OS' started by Gary W. Graley, Oct 21, 2011.

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    Hi folks, recently updated to the latest OS and now my converted files that I change within iTunes to show up as TV Shows do not show up in thevideo area, just Movies and Music Video's only, When I check in iTunes, they show as being on the iPad and also taking up space, but not when viewing on the iPad.

    I deleted them, uploaded again and left them as movies and they show up and play in the movies tab, BUT if I change them to be TV Shows, they dissappear again, if I change them BACK to Movies, they show up in the movies tab BUT after doing that, they show, but if you try to PLAY them, it goes black and then back to the information screen about the video, never plays.

    SO I deleted them yet again, did a hard reset on the iPad, uploaded them as movies...again, they do play if I leave them as movies on the movie tab now. Didn't have time to change and check again, I figured there must be a bit of a bug with this type of thing????

    It's a lot handier to view from the tab for tv shows than to scroll down through movies and tv shows, so it sure would be great to have that feature back again.

    Unless I'm missing something?

    I've changed the settings as I always had in the past, so I'm doing the same procedure, but now, they don't show up. Also before I did the hard reset, a lot of space was taken up as OTHER on the iPad, that came back as available after the reset, which I was glad to see but still, what's up???

    Thanks in advance if you have the answer!

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