[TUT] How to Make a Sweet iPad Stylus [Tutorial]

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    Hey this is a quick tutorial on how to make a sweet stylus.


    My stylus above was made using a fountain pen. I opened it up and just shoved the piece of rolled up sponge into the opening.

    The stylus above was my first prototype. But it works great as well.

    Difficulty: 3/10

    1. a sponge
    -this material is CRUCIAL because it is going to be the thing that has contact with your ipad
    - not all sponges will work but the ones that will work are the ones with the holes in them (that look like spongebob) OR what I prefer to use is the sponge cleaning cloths. You can get these at the dollar store.
    - to see if your sponge or any material will be conductive, try swiping it over the ipad and if u see results then it means it works
    - this is how a sponge cloth looks like


    2. a metal pen with a big opening in the tip OR a removable tip
    - its important that you get a METAL pen because this will allow the static from your hands to flow down to the sponge to allow your ipad to recongnize the sponge

    1. Open up the pen and remove all the contents inside (ink tube, springs, etc)

    2a. If you are using a sponge (not cloth) cut out a piece that will perfectly fit into the opening of the pen (make sure its snug so it wont pop out)

    2b. If you are using the sponge cleaning cloth it will be much easier. Cut out a strip of the cleaning cloth and about 3/4 inches thick and roll it up into a cylinder shape. Make sure its small enough to fit into the opening of the pen.

    3. Enjoy your new cheap stylus!

    Here is is a video demonstration of my stylus in action!:

    Here are some reasons why your stylus may not be working:
    1. your sponge head may be too small. In order for the stylus to work, your sponge head has to be the shape and about the size of the the eraser on a wooden pencil.
    2. There is no metal that touches the sponge. Your ipad only responds to touches from your hand so in order to connect your hand to the ipad with the stylus is if there is some metal that can transfer the static from your hand to the ipad.
    3. The sponge may not be a conductive sponge. Make sure the sponge works with your ipad even before making the stylus. Try swiping it over the ipad to see if you can turn the pages.
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    That thing looks like a wad of gum on the end of a pen.

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