why are styli so fat

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    Ive been browsing around about the nature of a capacitive stylus and it has to do with transmitting some mojo from your body through the pen to the tablet surface.

    there's a guy has a blog where he show you what's needed and why, and he says you need a metal barreled instrument and a conductive material(conductive foam) for the tip. sounds logical except there's a youtube vid of a guy using a hollowed out plastic pen and the yellow sponge from a scotch brite .

    so anyway, i'm asking myself why does it have to be a foam and why so fat if all it takes is a conductive material, of which there are many types of material. i was "drawing" on a tablet, first with my finger, then with my pinky. it didn't work when i used my fingernail, but when i got to lightly lay as little finger as possible on the screen, it drew. point being,,,,just what does it take? because to me,he biggest drawback to drawing on a capacitive screen is the big-*ssed tip. :eek::eek:
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