Tricky jobs - Free coloring puzzle game for children

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    Let’s take a trip to Profession Land! Some build houses and put out fires, some treat diseases, and some cook. You can put together any profession all by yourself, and then color the picture.

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    We will help your kids learn about professions. While playing, children learn about different professions and solidify their knowledge by solving logic problems, which makes the learning process entertaining. All they need to do is play - put the puzzles together and solve simple problems with objects. As a reward, children find themselves within a picture that they can color. Additionally, by connecting different part of pictures, it’s possible to have multiple choices of coloring.
    In addition to illustrations of the main professions, a child gets to create own pictures, which of course, will make the kids happy. It stimulates creative thinking, trains visual memory, develops imagination and draws your children’s attention for a long time.
    This game can be interesting to children of ages from 4 to 8. Game collection contains 10 professions, which increases the amount of possible combinations up to 100 pictures. Available in Russian and English languages. Accompanied by an interesting melody.

    This toy is very entertaining, with a beautiful design. Kids play with pleasure, and parents can be also included in the process
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