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    Who are they, these Arieses and Scorpios, whom people considered worthy of being eternalized among the stars? Of course, there are old myths and legends that lift the veil.
    There is no man on Earth who hasn’t tried counting the stars or putting pictures together on the starry sky. How many stars are on the sky? How to find a constellation? What’s the origin of their names? We will help you answer all these questions. You need to help each constellation find its place on the sky. All you need to do is put the picture together, and the stars will shine. But in order to color the constellation, one has to count the stars, connecting them in the right order.

    This game allows children to develop creative thinking and attention, trains their visual memory and develops imagination. For little kids who are only starting to learn numbers, this game stimulates interest in counting. For older children, the game contains educational information about origin of constellations.

    Plot of the game creates positive learning motivation and allows to engage your children for a long time. It can be interesting to children of ages from 3 to 10. The game is accompanied by a fantastic melody. Game collection contains 12 constellations, which increases the amount of possible combinations up to 144 pictures.

    Special features
    - description of constellations
    - reinforcing counting skills
    - option to create individual patterns
    - allows children to develop memory and imagination
    - includes 144 pictures for coloring
    - 12 sections
    - 3 coloring methods: brush, pencil and fill

    iTuns Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/stargazer/id796556583?mt=8


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