Tim Cook: Apple Watch Has Three Times the Developer Interest of the First iPhone and iPads

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    According to a new interview with Apple CEO Tim Cook in Bloomberg Businessweek, via Slash Gear, the Apple Watch has proved to be a very big hit with app developers as well as customers.

    According to Cook, developer interest in the Apple Watch is more than three times that for the iPhone and the iPad in the first few years that they were on sale.

    Cook told Bloomberg that there are currently more than 3,500 apps in development for the Apple Watch from third-party developers. In comparison, there were only 500 apps available when the iPhone 3G launched in 2008, and 1,000 apps available when the first iPad launched.

    Also in the interview, Cook said that the new gold colour being added to Appleā€™s range of official colours for its devices was largely influenced by the Chinese market, as apparently the gold colour is very popular in China, as is red.

    Source: http://www.slashgear.com/apple-watc...per-interest-of-first-iphones-ipads-22389961/

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