Apple Watch Will Replace Your Car Keys Says Tim Cook

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    AppleInsider reports that Tim Cook has been revealing some interesting snippets about the forthcoming Apple Watch during a stopover in London on his way back from visiting Germany and Israel.

    Talking to Britain’s Telegraph, Cook said that the Apple Watch has been designed to replace your electronic car key and key fob, being part of Apple’s wider plan to do away with the need to carry a wallet.

    Cook did not reveal exactly how this would be achieved, and whether or not Apple will be working together with automakers to create an Apple Watch car key, but maybe we’ll hear more details when the watch is launched by Apple on March 9.

    During a visit to London’s Covent Garden Apple Store today, Cook also talked about how Apple will “tweak” its retail strategy in order to accommodate the Apple Watch, possibly to make the stores more appealing to Apple Watch customers who are used to shopping in upmarket boutiques.

    Cook also revealed today that the Apple Watch’s battery will last all day and will not need to be charged as much as an iPhone battery, thanks to the charger’s “special magnet technology.”

    Source: Tim Cook says Apple Watch will replace electronic car keys confirms Apple Store revamp

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