This thread may be of interest to educators. iPF Where in the World game.

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    For the last couple of months, some of us have been challenging each other to find locations around the world by supplying a picture and clues as to where the location might be.

    It has turned out to be very educational, and I would like to extend a welcome to any teacher who feels that it would be a benefit for their students to join us.

    The thread may be found at

    We also have a discussion thread, where the rules of the game are displayed, and where suggestions and comments are welcome. You may also wish to introduce yourself there, and state your intentions if you would like to join us. We would be happy to modify our rules to accommodate educators.

    The discussion thread can be found at

    Both threads are very heavily moderated, with the intention of keeping them safe for general viewing by minors.

    Posts may be made in any language, provided Google Translate can handle that language. By the nature of things, most posts are in English, but nothing is cast in stone.

    If you have any questions, feel free to post in the discussion thread, where one of the adjudicators will answer, or send a private message to me, and I'll answer as soon as I am able.

    So far, we have visited many fascinating places all over the world, and I believe we have the makings of a valuable educational resource.
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