Third-party Apps Will Now Require App-Specific Passwords to Access iCloud

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Sep 17, 2014.

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    AppleInsider reports that Apple is looking to add another layer of security protection for third-party apps and programs with the introduction of app-specific passwords for iCloud access.

    The news comes via a Support Document that was posted to Apple’s website, which states that this new security measure will be required of all third-party apps or programmes that want to connect with iCloud, even if the programs do not support two-step verification.

    Apple also states that using app-specific passwords ensures that your Apple ID password will not be collected or stored by third-party apps.

    When the system launches on October 1, iCloud users will be able to go to My Apple ID home page to create new passwords via the Password and Security settings section.

    AppleInsider notes that this app-specific password protection system is similar to other systems used by Google, and makes it easier to protect the user’s iCloud account. It is also an easy way of shoring up security for those many apps that don’t support two-step authentication.

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    That's the price of having two-step authentication enabled for iCloud. It's exactly what Google does; and necessary to support third party apps that are not updated to authenticate properly.

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