Microsoft Updates OneDrive for iPhone and iPad With Support For Password Managers

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    Microsoft has announced that they are updating OneDrive on iOS to support password managers. Thus, iPhone and iPad owners can now sign into the OneDrive app on iOS automatically if they are using LastPass or 1Password. Here's what you need to do:

    • Launch OneDrive and sign in
    • Tap the icon in the upper right corner
    • Select your password manager (or enable them)
    • Log into the password manager

    This feature is based on the new iOS 8 feature where applications can to talk to other applications via extensions. The four-step process is achieved by utilizing's Apple's new extensions API's. Omar Shahine, Group Program Manager at OneDrive, said the following:

    Follow the link from below and download the latest version of the app on your iPhone or iPad to make use of the newest features.

    Source: iTunes

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