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    One of the joys of apps is that things you bought or even got for free get better over time through upgrades that cost nothing. A lot of the time the upgrades are around stability issues or adapting an app for the next operating system, but there's plenty of great functional additions to apps as well.

    I was reflecting on this the other day and thought it might be neat to give out awards for the best upgrades every week. We could call it the Upgradies. Then we could vote on the winners for a monthly award, and then the best upgrade of the year.

    What do you think? Sounds fun? Want to do it? Complete waste of time?

    Please share your thoughts. If the interest is there, we could start this in 2011. One way to do it is have a new post each week where posters can submit their votes during the course of the week. At the end, someone would just count the votes, declare a winner, and start the next post. Just a thought.

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