The Playbook... Not so bad after all...

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    My sister just got her own tablet... A Blackberry Playbook!

    I was a bit shocked as it got so many bad reviews, I would have gone with a Galaxy Tab or a Xoom instead. She was looking for a tablet that could do Flash, was light and not as big as the iPad, meaning a 7 inches screen.

    Anyway, I played with it for a few minutes, and I found it quite pleasant. There is no mail app, but that's coming in the next upgrade 2.0 in a few weeks. But my sister just uses the browser to get to her hotmail account, as she does on a desktop. The touch screen is quite responsive, a little bit slower than on my iPad, but not that much. And of course, I tried a few sites with Flash content and they worked really well.


    - screen size is too small for me
    - thus keyboard size is also too small for my fingers
    - a bit heavy for the format. IPad weight 600g and the Playbook is at 681g...
    - missing apps or functionalities but a lot of those issues should be solved by the next OS upgrade
    - webpages loading time is a bit slower than I expected


    - screen looks amazing, rich colors. Better than my iPad 1
    - navigation between apps is way better than the iPad... iOS 5 should help with the new gestures...
    - integrated HDMI output
    - USB interface seems more efficient and more open than the iPad
    - hardware does not feel cheap, feels sturdy and of good quality
    - keyboard layout is way better than the iPad

    I'll try to have more time to play with that new toy and get back with a more detailled review of this device. But for now, I would be more attracted to the Playbook than any Android tablet I've tried so far. The iPad still wins for me as there is more apps, and it's does everything I want it to do. But if RIM does the right thing, the Playbook could be a serious adversary to the iPad. Future will tell...

    Oh, yeah, the Playbook is 499$ for 16g, as the iPad 2 is currently at 519$, so not a big difference...

    It's a pretty neat device. Let's hope that future OS upgrade will make up of the lack of apps...

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