The Month of July Was Apple's Best Ever for its Digital Software Downloads

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    According to a recent story from CNBC publication, Apple has revealed that the previous month of July was the best ever for its digital software downloads, as the App Store generated more revenue and had more purchases than ever before. Here's an excerpt from the original report:

    Apple CEO Tim Cook told CNBC the following:

    "I couldn't be happier. This is the best execution of any quarter since I've been at Apple"

    However, specifics about July, like how much revenue the App Store earned or how many active customers it has seen, haven't been disclosed. In the previous June quarter, Apple had already disclosed that its iTunes billings grew 25 percent in the three-month span, which represented an all-time high.

    And now it seems that Apple has managed to beat its own record in the following month, which is very impressive, consider that summer isn't exactly the most lucrative part of the year.

    Source: CNBC
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    Impressive I must say.

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