Apple will announce its Q3 earnings on the 24th of July

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    Apple has already scheduled one major event for July. The Cupertino company has just announced that it will post its quarterly earnings for the Q3 of 2012 on July the 24th.

    So in order to get the latest scoop on Apple finances you will have to check in on the above mentioned date at 5 p.m Eastern time or 2 p.m Pacific time to listen to the audio live webcast here: Apple - Apple Financial Results - Q3 2012
    The third fiscal quarter was completed on June the 30th and will provide useful information about the performances of the latest iPad that got released on March the 16th in 10 different countries, as well as the iPhone 4S that will be replaced soon, and the brand new improved Mac line.

    Wall Street analysts have already made a few predictions regarding the third quarter and are expecting an average of $37.34 billion in revenue. The last quarter Apple managed to grab $34 billion.

    The new iPad is probably the device that will make most of the difference. After the initial launch in 10 countries, Apple expanded that target and added 56 more in just 42 days. Now the iPad market has expanded to the Middle East and Latin America. It makes sense that some analysts believe this quarter will help achieve the highest annual net income a public company has ever achieved.

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