The Guardian Lets Slip Major Hint About Apple’s Rumoured iOS Subscr

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    Guardian Hints On Apple’s Rumoured iOS Subscription Service


    AppleInsider reports that The Guardian has possibly gone a little too early with an announcement about its new subscription-based iOS service, inadvertently letting the cat out of the bag about Apple’s rumoured new subscription service for iPad and other iOS devices. The Guardian revealed on Thursday that it intends to remove its current app from the App Store, and replace it with a new, subscription-based app costing £2.99 for six months, or £3.99 for 12 months, which is, quite frankly, ridiculously cheap for a daily newspaper! There will also be a free version available in the US which will be supported by advertising.

    It has long been rumoured that Apple will be holding a special media event on December 9 at which it will announce iOS 4.3, the main part of which will include an app subscription system very similar to the one that has just been announced by The Guardian.

    If the rumours are true, and those prices are indicative of what newspaper subscriptions will be costing on iOS devices once the system is introduced, then this could completely revolutionise newspaper publishing in particular. No wonder Richard Branson and Rupert Murdoch are both getting involved. Exciting times!

    Source: AppleInsider | 'Guardian' reveals iOS app subscriptions ahead of expected Apple event
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