The First Products Supporting HomeKit are Here

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    One whole year after Apple announced HomeKit the first products that can be used with it have arrived. Engadget writes that the first wave of products are by Lutron and Insteon, with other manufacturers such as Elgato, Ecobee, and iHome about to bring out their own products for HomeKit.

    Once all the products are on the market, you should be able to have a HomeKit system with programmable lights, plugs, energy and climate sensors, thermostats, and so on. That’s the whole point of Apple’s HomeKit standard, to enable a wide array of different devices to work together, with the homeowner being able to control it all from their iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch, and also have the means to use voice control via Siri.

    Lutron’s Caseta Wireless Smart Bridge gives you control of the lights, shades and other devices via Siri on Apple Watch, iPhone or iPad.

    It can also be used to control devices remotely when you’re not at home, or even have the lights turn on when you enter the room. The starter kit is out today and costs $230, with remote dimmer kits available for $60.

    The second product, from Insteon, is a fully fledged smart home hub that you can use to control some of Insteon’s products in the home, such as cameras, alarms, and smart bulbs.

    Source: The first products that support Apple s HomeKit have arrived

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