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The Beautiful Outland Skies

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories for iPAD 1, 2 and 3' started by skywall, Feb 9, 2010.

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    Feb 8, 2010
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    WOW: The Beautiful Outland Skies

    The skies in the outland of the great World of Warcraft may not be the place a lot of people are spending time these days. Since the coming of Patch 3.3, which bring in lots of goodies. And the holiday event coming up, and Cataclysm looming on the horizon. But the skies over this strange other-world still looks beautiful, and provide players a good place to stop and enjoy themselves for a little while.

    A player who is from Tristalus of the Crimson Alliance writes in: Many of us have moved on from Outlands for some time now. One day while I was flying through gathering some materials, I looked up. Everything came together in the sky for a beautiful screenshot! You can almost picture flying through that can''t you?

    So when the server goes down for maintenance, why not take a little time to go the outland and enjoy the fabulous sky?

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