Snake Galaxy HD Headed to iPad August 4th

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    [ame=""]YouTube - Snake Galaxy HD[/ame]​

    The mobile version of Snake is officially the most played game on the planet, according to the Guiness World Records 2010 Gamer's Edition, and now Bulkypix is bringing it to the iPad, with Snake Galaxy HD, which was also recently released for iPhone.

    In the game, players slide around beautifully rendered 3D planets, with the simple goal of consuming as many jewels as possible before they crash and burn. Players must guide the snake with their finger, steering it towards goodies while avoiding obstacles such as the giant letters on the newspaper planet, for example. With each jewel you consume, your snake will grow a little longer, making it harder for you to avoid obstacles, or your own tail!

    In order to unlock the next planet, you must first reach point thresholds by eating the goodies in your way as quickly as possible. Try and quickly grab any large diamonds that you see before they disappear, as they'll earn you big points. The multiplier bar at the bottom of the screen refills every time you feed your snake, but if you let it zero out, you'll have to start building your multiplier chain all over again.

    Snake Galaxy will be available for download from the Apple iTunes iPad App Store on August 4th, for 3.99 Euros/$4.99. Can't wait to try it, it looks gorgeous and very addictive.

    Source: Bulkypix

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