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Discussion in 'iPad 2 Forum' started by Greygoose_ipad, Dec 21, 2011.

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    i've successfully downloaded, installed , and used this app. Its Very nicely done.

    In the process of testing the application, i was able to download some picture files onto my ipad from my computer through the app. You can then go to the file menu inside this app and view the pictures. so far so good. Theres a button in the UI labeled "open in" after selecting a file. when you choose that button, the app tells you there are no associated viewers for that type of file (no matter what type it is). i can pick the pictures one by one and view them just fine, but i was hoping to use the "open in" function to select multiple photos and send them to an app where i can quickly page through them.

    Has anyone got this to work successfully? do i need to install a specific app that this program will recongnize as one that it can open this file type in? the other problem is that some of these picture files are big and the viewer inside the app will not do a "fit to screen". my hopes were that the "open in" function would open a more user friendly app to view the downloaded pictures.

    anyone out there got any recommendations surrounding this function within the app? i'm not seeing anything like a free photo viewing app in the ipad store that might fit this bill



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