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    Hey team:

    So I went tonight and did some investigative work at the local Target store. I found the DPCIs to many of the Ipad 2's. They already had the strips in the shelving and you could see the DPCI numbers by the barcodes. DPCIs are Target's unique stock keeping unit (basically, Target's UPC/SKU).

    I wasn't able to write them all down. I only wrote down 4, which one of these 4 I'm still up in the air about purchasing.

    What you can do with a DPCI is that you can walk up to any price scanner at Target and just start punching the numbers in. It will tell you if they have them in the backroom and also tell you how much they are. Unfortunately, the DPCIs are not working yet as I tried them on the scanner but it said, "ITEM NOT FOUND." Which just really means they DPCIs haven't been activated yet.

    I will be working all day but if some of you can call around and even check the DPCIs in your local stores that would be great. Check to see if they have on hands. You can also just call any Target, reach the operator, and tell them you have a DPCI that you want to see if it is in stock or not.

    Let me know what you guys find.. oh and I asked the Electronics employee about the release (5pm, how many, etc) and he didn't know - I always see this kid there so I was surprised.

    Also just to mention, anytime there is a timeline on a release then it is hard locked at the POS (Point of Sale). If it is scheduled for a 5PM release then it doesn't matter what manager or anyone tries to sell you before that time. It won't ring up period. Just an FYI..

    Let me know!

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