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    The night is coming to the city again but your sleep is not coming to you. You are staying in your bed for a long time, looking into the ceiling and thinking of different things. Meanwhile, the daybreak is appearing outside. You have to get up soon but you haven't slept this time even for a while.

    Does it often happen to you? Insomnia is a very unpleasant ailment when your health and hardworking become weaker as well as thinking activity is not so productive.

    But the way out has been discovered! Sweet Dream Application is the best remedy to cope with insomnia! For a long time we have been gathering the most effective tools to get rid of this ailment and finally we have compiled them for you in one application. Any of these tools is easy to follow at home. Every evening you can try a new method in order to find the most effective one to improve your sleeping.

    Sweet Dream Application is
    - 30 most effective formulas to deal with insomnia
    - simple and user-friendly interface
    - new ways of deep sleep in self-moving mode
    - 15 tunes for a dream
    - an opportunity to get simultaneous access to all the formulas of the application only for $ 99!

    It is important! We recommend you to follow the sleeping mode, go to bed and get up at the same time.

    All the materials are informative. We wish you sweet sleep.

    AppStore link: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/swee...553791087?mt=8




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    Some of those screens look interesting. The music ones could be worth a try provided they are not loud gangnam rap which tends to keep me awake. But I tried screens 1 and 4:
    SCREEN 1: Put a glass of water on the bedhead, switched off the light then nearly spilt the lot fumbling for it. Put light back on, dipped fingers in glass and quickly turned light off and hunkered down so fingers don't dry out. No need to denude the navel. The night was warm, being December in South Australia, and the navel had already been denuded. Must have dipped into water too much, as when I esetorically applied it to the navel, lots of water rolled off and created a big wet patch. Always hated that. So forgot this esetoricalism!
    SCREEN 4: Thought this would be good. Lay on back, breath in and out, concentrating and listening to self-breathing as instructed. Problem was there was some kind of little blockage material there. (maybe a touch gross but accurate reporting is fair) so each careful breathing in..out..in.. produced some sort of "blip" "blop" sound. Ended up not breathing calmly, concluding such horizontal breathing is not conducive to falling asleep.
    But others of course would be unlikely to have these problems, so all this may be quite useful.
    Regards, Andrew

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