suoer n00b to iPad 2 and need some help with app selection

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    ok. So I know this is probably only my second post or something small like that, been observing for a while and thought since I cant seem to get the folks at the Business sales in Apple to help because they dont have a clue, their words not mine. :)

    So here's what I use, and how I use it.

    I use Dropbox to store my work oirder before and after they are completed.

    I then use SignMyPad to get signatures and fill out paperwork.

    no biggie so far.

    I use my iPhone, not sure why. To take the pictures and upload them to Picasa. got to figure out a better way.

    Then my problem or maybe I should say, the solutions I am looking for is that I need to upload via a website my pictures and my PDF of the signed work order.

    So what I am hoping for is this.

    I would like to be able to use signmypad still as I already paid for it and it just seems to work. then be able to open a web browser and upload the filled out paperwork to the customer site.

    I would also like to be able to take pictures witht he iPad 2 and upload those as well. however it is easier to use the iPhone 4s I have, its much more portalable to get up and down the ladder with it and get it in tight to be able to see the things I am taking pictures of.

    FYI: The current process is as follows. I take pictures with iPhone 4s, upload them to picasa. I use SignMyPad to fill out paperwork get signatures etc, then email it to myself. Have to go back to somewhere with my laptop or desktop (i.e. office). Save the PDF I emailed my self. go to picasa and save all the pictures. which in some cases might be 20+ pictures per site. Then login to the website. then upload them all. Very big waste of time imho.

    If anyone can help point me in the right dorection of where to go from here to make life easier with this process I would greatly appreciate it.


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