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    I am going on a trip overseas to give a presentation and I want to bring just my iPad (and keyboard) and not my laptop. The catch is that I know I will need to work on my presentation on the plane and at the hotel before I present. So my questions to experts out there are:

    1) Can you truly edit rather than just view presentations in Keynote for iPad?

    2) If so, how would I present the newly-worked-on presentation?

    The easiest thing would be to present straight from ipad rather than use the conference computer, right? That's what I'd like, but I need a backup plan if the organizers won't let me do that (they usually like all presenters in a panel to bring their presentations on a flash drive and load them all onto one computer before the session begins).

    iDisk? That depends on the conference computer having internet at the conference site--not always the case.

    Any other ideas? The ideal would be some way to get a keynote from iPad onto a usb flash drive directly. Has anyone solved that challenge?

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