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    Greetings from an apple user coming from the dark (droid) side. I do kinda miss the back button.:) I have a need to store a select number of files and links on my IPad for business use. I just bought it and have no experience with the IOS OS. I am apple seedling in the wilderness. Any help appreciated.
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    Evernote? Good to go just about everywhere on just about any device or computer.

    If you intend to use it offline much, you'll probably want to spring for the premium account; less than $5 a month.

    If that does not appeal, there are lots of PDF reader and annotation apps. iBooks will let you keep PDF files, if all you intend to do is read them. I use GoodReader and PDF Expert for PDF files that I might want to do something more than read.

    Pretty much any notes app can be used to keep a list of links. I'm not inclined to trust the native Notes app with this, as it's been known to lose notes (not me, but other's have).

    Another possibility, since you most likely already have a Google account, is the Google Drive app. You can store and view PDF files, and keep a list of links in either a word or spreadsheet document. Individual files can be marked so that they are available off line. You could start with this and then take your time looking around for apps that meet your needs more completely and conveniently.
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    Hi and welcome to the Forum!

    The IPad Forum is a community of members from all walks of life and from all over the world coming together to share our experiences and to help each other learn about this wonderful piece of technology the Ipad. There is a wealth of information already here in the many threads we have so doing some searches will answer most of the questions you have. If then you cannot find the answer you are seeking then by all means post your question. There are many friendly and informed members here only too willing to help you.

    We also have our own App - It is a very simple app to navigate.
    Tutorial for our App
    Tutorial on creating posts on the Forum
    Reading the IPad manual is a great place to start so please download a copy of these.
    3 very informative threads from which you will learn many tips and shortcuts for the IPad.
    We have rules like any Community so please read these also

    Once again we welcome you here and are so pleased you have joined us!

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