Sprint Offering Unlimited Data Deal for iPad Users

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    9to5 Mac reports that Sprint is offering iPad users a new $20-per-month unlimited data deal. And while that sounds like great deal, there are a couple of conditions that you need to be aware of.

    First of all, you will have to buy the cellular iPad from Sprint, of course, and have at least one phone line with Sprint, and then enrol in AutoPay for automatic billing.

    And, as so often happens with these “unlimited” data offers, it isn’t in fact totally unlimited, as there are limits to video playback, music streaming, and online gaming resolution and speed. You can choose to pay a further $20 per month to increase the limits, but even then those extended limits will be capped.

    If you’re happy with those terms and intend to sign up for Sprint’s deal for a separate iPad data plan, make sure that you’re not already covered via your current carrier’s mobile sharing plan.

    Source: Sprint wants to give your iPad unlimited data for $20/month (and a few strings attached)

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